Building Tours from the Queue

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Queue Terms.

  2. Learn how to filter a grid.

  3. Learn how to Design and Save a Grid Layout.

  4. Build a sample grid by:

    a. Selecting an “End of” setting or inputting an actual end date.

    b. Select which of the component properties you want to organize your rows by.

    For instance, if building tours based on Process Unit or Work Scheduled, select those boxes. These options will enable you to filter and sort the grid according to these properties. If building a tour based on only Control Valves, you will need to enable the Sub Type box.

    Do not enable options you will not use, though you can easily change these settings, if needed.

    c. Hit Search.

  5. Design and save your preferred grid layout.

    a. Select the columns you want to see.

    b. Sort the columns your preferred order.

    c. Size the columns so you can view as much as possible without scrolling.

    d. When you have designed the grid:

    1. Select Menu.

    2. Select Save Grid Layout.

    3. Follow the onscreen prompts.

    4. Save.

  6. Whenever you open the queue and want to view this layout:

    a. Select Menu.

    b. Select Load Grid Layout.

    c. Select the grid you want to view.

  7. Build a recurring tour (one you will use repeatedly), such as a Monthly Pump Tour.

    a. Build the grid.

    1. Select the “End of” setting.

    2. Ensure you only want active components.

    3. Adjust the “Make Tours LUnit Specific.”

      • If you want multiple LUnits in the same tour, turn this Off.
    4. Select Search.

    b. Fine-tune your grid to a specific layout.

    1. Using the funnel icon, filter the grid for just Pumps.

    2. Ensure you have included AVO with M21 inspections if you prefer.

    3. Select all of the components that appear.

    c. Save this layout. You can make a wide variety of tours by saving many different layouts, such as:

    1. Monthly Pump with NO AVOs

    2. Monthly Pumps with DUE AVOs

    3. Only Weekly AVOs

    4. All Current TUx Components

    d. When you have displayed this layout and selected the components, you can hit the Build New Tours button. This will build the tour, which you will find in the Current Tours tab.

    e. If you want to make this an Evergreen Tour:

    1. Go to the Current Tours tab.

    2. Select the tour.

    3. View the tour.

    4. Toggle the Evergreen setting.

  8. Build a one-time use tour.

    a. You can load the grid and filter for any group (s) of components and use the Inspections per Tour settings at the top of the screen to build a number of tours all at one time. You can make an all components, or a connector only, DTM only, or any other type of tour by selecting those component group(s) and selecting Build New Tours.

    If you do not build and save a layout, you will have to do this process over each time you build these types of tours.

    b. The tours actually built may not have the number of inspections specified because Chateau will be build tours based on the detector required for the inspection and because of REN Attachments.

  9. The tours you build will appear in the Current Tours tab.

  10. If you want to make this an Evergreen Tour:

    a. Go to the Current Tours tab.

    b. Select the tour.

    c. View the tour.

    d. Toggle the Evergreen setting.

  11. For information on how to build more specialized types of tours from the Component grid.

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