Component Grid Terms

Term Definition
Create Tour Select components and move them directly into a Tour.

Closed Vent System.

A system not open to the atmosphere and is composed of hard-piping, ductwork, connections, and, if necessary, flow-inducing devices that transport gas or vapor from a piece(s) of equipment to a control device, or back to a process.

Flag If this component was tagged in a SmartFlag project, you can reference the flag number here.
Frequency Periodic frequency assigned to each component based on the rule(s) applied: M, Q, S, A, MMQ, etc.)
Grid Layout Once your grid has data in it, you can customize how the data is displayed by selecting which columns you want to see, the order the columns are presented in the grid, and how wide each column is.

For each user, Chateau will remember the grid layout as the way they left it last time.
Include DeActivated If this is NOT selected, the grid will not display the DeActivated Components. If you want the DeActivated Components included, you must check this box.
Last M21/AVO/OGI/Cooling Tower Performed
The date on which the most recent inspection was performed.
Last M21/AVO/OGI/Cooling Tower Reason
The reason why the most recent inspection was scheduled.
Last PPM
The PPM reading from the most recent inspection.
Latest Equipment Install Date
The date when the most recent equipment change happened on this component.
Leaks The number of open leaks associated with individual components.
Location Descriptions of where the component the located.
M21/AVO/OGI/Cooling Tower Frequency The most stringent inspection base frequency of a component, such as M, Q, S, A, etc.
MMQ / QQA Group When a component is on the final phase of MMQ/QQA, this indicates which month/quarter of the quarter/year the component will be scheduled for monitoring.

This is a customizable component property.
MMQ / QQA Phase Which phase a component is at for MMQ/QQA monitoring.

M1/Q1 for the first month/quarter of the phase, M2/Q2 for the second month/quarter, and MMQ/QQA for when no leaks happened in the first two periods and the components is now on quarterly/annual.
Next M21/AVO/OGI/Cooling Tower Due Displays the closest inspection due date of this component.
Next M21/AVO/OGI/Cooling Tower Why This label describes why the inspection has been scheduled.
Physical State Heavy Liquid (HV), Light Liquid (LL), or Gas/Vapor (GV).
POEL Potential Open-Ended Line.
PPM Parts per million: Unit in which components are measured.
Previous Profile This column will display the profile the component had before the current profile.
Profile Start The date the current profile started for a component.
Query Build a Query by selecting which components you want to see by specifying the value for any properties.

For instance, if you want to see all the valves in NDE service, specify the Comp Type = Valves and NDE = Yes. You can name and save any query for future use. Once the grid is displayed you can customize the grid Layout by adjusting which columns are presented and what order they are displayed in the grid.
Queue Components Select components and move them into the Queue.
Re-Activated A previously Active Component that was Deactivated and has not been Re-Activated.
Refresh There is a Refresh button on every grid. It is either visible or contained in the Menu view. Always do this when you don’t see what’s expected.
REN Major piece of equipment with a reference number (Ref. Equip. Number) that can be used to group and sort components for identification and route sequencing purposes.
REN Count The number of major pieces of equipment (RENs) in a tour.
Route Sequence Sort tours by LUnit: The order in which the Tags will be sorted for the tech to monitor them.


If you would like to sort by the Tag number rather than the route sequence: Go to Settings / Miscellaneous. Enable Sort Tours by LUnit then Tag (not Route Sequence). The change will take effect upon restarting Chateau and syncing with Chateau Mobile.

Show Search Panel Show the panel, type any term into the search box to search all columns of whatever is loaded in the component grid.
Status Describes the component status with respect to the monitoring schedule.
SubSubType Additional layer of Type description: Type: Connector / SubType: Flange / Valve End.

TUx Log

Grid of current Temporarily Unavailable Components.
SubType Smaller subgroup or a special property. Such as Block for a Valve or DMS for a Pump.
Weekly The default frequency applied to any component without a rule properly applied. Whenever Chateau sees a component without a rule applied, it schedules it Weekly so you will resolve it.

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