Building your NDE Program

To set up your NDE program, follow the following steps:

  1. You can mark as an NDE component by setting the NDE property field to YES.

  2. Create a Query in the Component grid to allow you to call up all of your NDE components with a single query button.

  3. Fine-tune the layout of this NDE grid so you can have a ready report for your NDE components, with pre-selected fields for convenient export to Excel.

  4. Use the NDE field in the Rules / Manage Rule Specs to set these components for special M21 monitoring frequency (such as Annual).

  5. Set the background adjustment to be applied only to NDE (and CVS) components. You do this by going to Settings / Miscellaneous and adjusting the background settings.

  6. Trigger a message to be displayed to monitoring techs they have NDE components to be monitored and they should ensure to take a background upwind and downwind to comply with specific regulatory requirements. You do this in Field Events by toggling on NDE and CVS Background.

  7. Go to SettingsChateau Mobile Fields and select NDE from the left list. Select the > arrow to move it to the right list. This will cause the NDE field to appear in Chateau Mobile and allow the setting in step 6 to work.

  8. Turn on the >500 PPM on NDE in order to receive an immediate notification if and when an NDE component leaks with over 500 PPM. This will enable you to reassess whether the component should be considered an NDE.

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