Cooling Tower Management

Linking Cooling Tower Sample Points to Cooling Tower   After entering your Cooling Towers, Cooling Tower Sample Points and Exchangers (optional), you can link these components together, making two things possible:

  • Records for multiple Sample Points can be associated with the proper Cooling Tower.

  • Readings and repair attempts on Exchangers (that feed a Cooling Tower) will appear in the leak record for the Cooling Tower Sample Point.  

  1. Find the Cooling Tower Sample Point in the Component Grid, this component must have a type = Cooling Tower Sample Point.

  2. Select the Cooling Tower Sample Point.

  3. View the Component.

  4. Select Cooling Tower Relationship.

  5. Select Link Cooling Tower.

  6. If you need to, build a Query that will display the Cooling Tower in the grid.

  7. Select the Cooling Tower.

  8. Select Link.

  9. Repeat the process for Link Exchanger.

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