Edit Components

  1. You will need the Suggester role to make edits and the Approver role to approve the edits. See MOC Roles.

  2. In the Components grid, select a component or a group of components you wish to edit.

  3. Tap the Edit Components / Multi-Edit button when it becomes available.

    • Alternatively, if you are in the Tag View, you can tap the Edit button close to the top.

  4. If only one component was selected for editing, or you went to edit from the Tag View, you will be in the edit mode of the Tag View. If more than one component was selected for editing, you will be in the MultiEdit mode.

  5. Find the properties you wish to edit. Once edited, the [Edited] text will appear next to the properties, and the Save button will become available.

    • Note: The Save button will not be available unless at least one property was edited.

  6. Tap Save and the Change Why window will appear. Here you will select the suitable Property Change Why and write a comment, if needed. There is also an option to have the change apply to SubTags.

  7. Check the Approve box and select the approver, the edit will go straight into the database. If you are not an approver, leave the Approve box unchecked, an approver will review the edit in the MOC porch later, and make a decision whether to approve or reject the edit.

  8. Only select Run Rules After Save if you need to immediately schedule or audit the affected component. Otherwise, do not check the box as the rules will run at around 4:00 AM of the next day.

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