Building Your LowE Program

Term Definition
LowE Required This means marked Components are subject to LowE requirements. This typically happens when an existing Component is found to be leaking or a new Component is installed after a certain date under the provisions of a Consent Decree.
Equipment Subtab under Tag View The screen where you input information about new equipment is installed at a Component location.
LowE Details Additional information you want to store about specific LowE details such as “why” a Component that could be subject to LowE requirements is exempted from them. Such reasons include, but aren’t limited to <.5 inch, TwinSeal, DOU, or any other LowE Detail.
Date Installed This is the date the new (replacement) piece of equipment was installed. This may not be the Active date for the underlying Component.
Run Rules after Save If you want to run the rules to see whether this Component is due to be monitored TODAY, you can Run the Rules immediately. This could take some time. If you are not concerned with the potential of having to monitor it TODAY, then you can let the Rules run overnight.

To set up your LowE Program:

  1. Set up the following LowE picklists at Settings / Picklists, Category = Equipment.

  2. Picklist for LowE Details at Settings / Picklists, Category = Component.

  3. Ensure all of the current LowE-required Components are marked with LowE Required = Yes.

  4. Build and save a Query for LowE Required = Yes. Include the LowE Detail and Equipment LowE Packing fields (and any other fields you prefer) in the layout.

  5. Save the Query and the layout.

  6. Ensure your LowE repair methods are included in the AttemptHow Picklist.

  7. Enable the LowE Audits important to you. (Porches / Audit Settings)

Note: When you input a new model on a piece of equipment and hit Save, Chateau will schedule Initial Monitoring and/or reset the MMQ cycle, if applicable. This will happen overnight. If you check the Run the Rules after the Save button, it will occur immediately.

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