TUx Terms

Term Definition
Activate Selected Components Use this button on the TUx Log when you want to switch one, or more, TUx items back to Active.
Date the Component will be Available When will the component be available to be monitored?
Effective Date The date the component was switched from Active to TUx.
Home Screen The number of TUx items is displayed in the Overview panel. And the Days to Next TUx Item Available is shown in the Focus panel.
ProfileChangeWhy The reason this component is TUx. This picklist should be customized for your site.
Remove TUx Use this option when moving a component from TUx status back to Active.
Source Who told you the component was TUx? This is one of Chateau’s few text fields.
TUiS Temporarily Unavailable in Service: A component still in service, still has process material, and should still be considered when doing emissions inventories.
TUPurged Temporarily Unavailable Purged: A component purged of all process material, but is scheduled to come back into service. During the time a component is marked as TUPurged, Chateau will report NO emissions.
TUx Generic term for this Temporarily Unavailable Feature.
TUx Log A ready list of all currently marked TUx components. This grid is also the most effective place to make bulk edits to your TUx items.
Update Estimated Date Available Use this button on the TUx Log to make edits to the Available date.

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