TUx Management

When a Component is Temporarily Unavailable to be monitored, Chateau provides a comprehensive method for tracking the Component’s status AND for remembering care needs to be taken to get it back into Active status at the appropriate time.

You will also be able to record why it is unavailable, who told you, and when it is expected to be available again.

In addition, you will be able to differentiate between Components that are still “in Service” and ones that are Purged (TUPurged). If you mark a Component as TUPurged, Chateau will zero out the emissions on this Component for the indicated period of time.

When a component’s profile is set to TUP or TUiS, it is immediately removed from the schedule, and no further inspections will be scheduled for the component until the TUx status was removed.

You can also arrange to be reminded on the Home Screen, as well as by several porches and email alerts, about the status and deadlines of your TUx Components.

To place a Component on TUx status, just edit the Profile of the Component from Active to TUiS or TUPurged. To move a Component back to Active status, reverse this step by editing the Profile and selecting the Remove TUx option. Multiple components can be set to TUiS or TUPurged using the component multi-edit function.

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