Reporting a New Issue

Please refer to the following articles to report issues within the software for the respective products:

To report issues for all other products, as well as the products above, please use the Customer Portal method below.

  1. On the Customer Portal home screen, click New Issue.

  2. Designate whether the issue pertains to hardware or software

  3. Fill in all pertinent information. To attach logs or files, please see Attaching Logs and Files (Screenshots or Other Documents).

  4. Click Save at the top-left corner of the screen.


  • Be sure to include clear notes and all details pertaining to the issue, including the specific software package in use at the time the issue occurred.

  • If submitting an issue for H2 Fill Adapter, the H2 Serial Number (for reporting the unit serial number) is on the back of the main regulator valve body closest to the gas supply cylinder. If you do not have Customer Portal credentials, please see Acquiring Customer Portal Credentials.

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