Probe Integrity Test (WI-phx42-114)

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Items Needed

Part Name LDAR Part #
Zero Air Gas n/a
Alcohol Wipes n/a
Filter 4236
Android tablet with phxApp n/a

Note: Since a probe integrity inspection is required to identify small leaks missed during the probe block step of the self-check, best practice is to conduct a probe integrity inspection every week and/or anytime you have a drift failure. This test should be performed with the filter and probe tip in place.


  1. Connect the probe to the SpanBox calibration harness and ignite the phx42.

  2. Apply Zero Gas.

  3. Use one freshly opened Alcohol-based lens-cleaning wipe per probe.

  4. Run the wipe along the length of the probe hose and at the probe joints while watching the device connected to the phx42.

  5. If there is a leak, it will be drawn through the breach, into the phx42 and will register a PPM reading within seconds.

  6. If you detect a PPM deflection of >2PPM, report an issue.


Reminder: The length of time the phx42 will take to register a deflection will correspond to the response time of the machine. If inspecting an extension probe, you must slow down to accommodate the extended response time (minimum of 1 second per foot of probe tubing +5 seconds).

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