Battery Replacement (WI-phx42-105)

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Items Needed

Part Name LDAR Part #
Battery 42200
  1. Report an issue. Failure to do so voids the warranty.

  2. Wait to be instructed by LDARtools Support to change the battery.

  3. Put the phx42 in Sleep Mode.

  4. Remove the phx42 lid.

  5. Power down the phx42.

  6. Identify the three battery connectors.

  7. Hold the connectors, and then carefully disconnect each one from the battery.

  8. If tabs are present, use them to lift the battery out of the enclosure.

  9. Return the battery to LDARtools.

  10. Reverse steps to install new battery.

    • Note: When reconnecting the battery connector wires, always ensure the same colored wires are reconnected.
  11. Run a self-check and enter, “New battery installed. Please update serial number,” followed by the new serial number in the comments section.


Reminder: Do not use any battery other than the one sold by LDARtools. The battery is made and certified for the phx42.

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