Bluetooth Signal Strength Check (WI-phx42-113)

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Items Needed

Part Name LDAR Part #
phx42 4200
Android app: Bluetooth Signal Meter – NeoFrontier n/a


Testing for signal strength requires an area with plenty of room to stand away from the analyzer (at least 20 ft) with no obstructions between you and the unit you are checking.

The unit must be resting on a flat surface with the antenna facing you.


  1. Download the Android phxApp.

  2. Ensure the Bluetooth for your Android device is powered on.

  3. Open the app. The app will immediately begin analyzing signals from nearby devices emitting a Bluetooth signal, continuously searching for devices approximately every 3 seconds, updating the list of available devices, and organizing the list by moving the strongest signals to the top of the list.

  4. Find the unit you are using (phx42-xxxx) and tap it to see the signal details.

    • Note: It is recommended the unit emit a signal strength of greater than -80 dBm for optimal performance. Due to the dBm value being a negative numeral, ensure the value is closer to 0 than -81.

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