Porch Terms

Chateau is capable of running up to 128 Daily Audits of your database. The results of these audits are posted in the Owners Porch each morning to enable you to research, respond, reconcile, and store these results.

You will also be able to designate individuals to receive daily email alerts about all audit results.

Term Definition
Audits with No Alerts Audits run on a specific day, but did not return any alerts.
Current An audit finding that has not been resolved, cleared, and moved to the Historical Porch.
Historical Porch Data items approved or cleared by an Approver are stored on Historical Porches.
MOC Porch Approvers can review new components entered by suggesters here. It is an essential part of the MOC process.
New Component Porch
All new components entered by a Suggester who is not an Approver are presented to this porch.

If the person who entered them was an Approver, then they pass directly into Chateau and can be found in the Historical Porch. You can also backdate or edit the properties of the proposed new components here.

When you approve any new components or edits, you will be asked if you want to run rules now or skip run ruling. Rule running now only needs to be done if you are concerned about updating the schedule immediately, otherwise the rules will run on the edits and new components that night.
Owner’s Porch All porch audits returning any alerts are posted to this porch. You can use this porch to track, document and resolve all alerts.
Pace Settings Specify the excessive number of components monitored in a given period. Chateau will then report anomalies to the Owner’s Porch; e.g., if Excess Pumps per Minute is set to 2, it would report to the porch when a tech monitored 2 or more pumps in a minute.
Porch Daily audit/QC checks against the database to confirm all compliance requirements are met. Anomalies or suspicious events identified by any of the pre-selected 120+ Daily QC Audits are reported to the Owner’s Porch.


On the Owner’s Porch, the data is presented on a tile indicating how many events there are and whether any or all of them have been viewed by another user.


Selecting this tile will open the Current Porch for that event, where you can evaluate the data, make comments and/or clear the item from the Current Porch. The item, along with any comment and information about how, when, and by whom it was resolved, are stored in the Historical Porch for that event type.

Reconciliation Porch A tool enabling the user to reconcile a group of newly added components to the list of pre-existing components which have not been “matched” to a newly added component.


The top grid displays all the unmatched, pre-existing components. The bottom grid displays all the newly added components not matched to a pre-existing component. Once one component is selected in each group, the user can “match” them. This will maintain all history of the pre-existing component and associate it with the newly added tag number.

Run Daily Audit A feature found on the Owner’s Porch subtab in Porches to run the Audits enabled in the porches in Audit Settings, but will not re-run the rules.


Note: Running the Audit may produce duplicate alerts for items that will be found “again” when the Audit is run tomorrow morning. This means they would have to be cleared twice, if this occurs.

Sign Offs

Listing of all technician and database administrator data integrity sign offs.

At the end of each day, the technician can be required to sign off that they fully complied with Method 21 on all inspections that day. You can enable this porch in the Audit Settings, then fire a porch and/or an email alert anytime the tech fails to do so.

Tile Specific area on the Owner’s Porch where audit results are posted.
Unviewed Indicates the number of items on the indicated porch not viewed by any user.
Viewed Indicates another user has viewed the porch item.

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