Types of Audits

There are four different types of audits, based on the type of data and how and when the porch may be automatically cleared.

The will fire when an event occurs (such as an NDE component with a 500 PPM reading), but will not fire again until the same event happens, again. The event will stay on the porch until it is manually cleared.

Clearing Event
An event occurs such as an M21 Inspection without a corresponding Daily Calibration. This event will fire to the porch if it happens, but it will atomically clear from the porch when you load the Daily Calibration records.  

A state exists (such as a Pump in GV service). This will fire to and remain on the porch until you clear it. It will not clear automatically just because you fixed the problem by changing the GV to LL.  You have to correct the error AND clear the porch.

Clearing State
A state exists, such as Valve DTM in Process Unit > 3%. This will fire to the porch and then disappear when it is no longer true.  

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