Owner’s Porch Processing

Whenever an audit event occurs, it will be reported to the Owner’s Porch. You can also arrange to have the Audit Alerts emailed directly to specific individuals by going to Porches / Audit Settings.

On the Owner’s Porch screen, in the right navigation pane titled Audits with No Alerts, you will see a list of all the audits from that morning with no returned alerts. The tiles on the Owner’s Porch screen show all current Porches with active Audit Alerts.

Unviewed indicates the number of issues not viewed.

Total indicates the number of active issues in the Porch which need to be addressed and cleared.

You can view an issue by clicking on the respective tile, which reveals two grids: Current and Historical. Each grid contains a description of the Audit Alert, the relevant data for each alert, and provides a space for you to record your findings, comments, and how this issue was resolved.

When you have resolved and cleared an item, the record goes to the Historical grid. This record includes the following:

  • Date of the event.

  • Any techs involved.

  • All relevant information regarding the event.

  • A comment describing the resolution.

  • Who cleared the item.

  • When it was cleared.

You can post comments and clear items either individually, or as a group. When you design a query for the Historical Porch, it is the alert date (the day the alert was generated) that the query will be based on.

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