Chateau Roles

The following list refers to the various roles referenced within your database.

Term Definition
Approvers Person who approves an MOC item. May be the same person as the Suggestor and/or Processor.
Builder The person who can edit Rules, Picklists, and Audit Alerts.
Processors Is logged into Chateau or Chateau Mobile when an MOC item is entered.
Suggesters Makes a suggestion about an MOC item.
Technicians This setting presents the person’s name on the list for checking Tours in and out of Chateau so he or she can perform inspections using Chateau Mobile.
User Has a password to get into Chateau. Does not have MOC Edit and Builder permissions, but can edit other information in Chateau.
Admin This person can add people and edit roles, and assign roles to People.
Alert ONLY If there are any individuals who will not be actual Chateau Users, but you want them to receive Leak or Daily Audit email alerts, then you include them in Resources/ People/Add Person.

Input their first and last Name, a temporary username and password (which they will not need), and an email address. This will enable their email address to be available when you want to them assign a Leak or Daily Audit Alert.

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