Add a New Technician (or other Person)

  1. To add a new Technician in Chateau, select the Resources tab in the left navigation pane.

  2. Select People from the Resources menu bar and click Add Person.

    • Note: The People list includes a filter to see all persons or only technicians. Be sure to verify which filter is selected whenever searching for or adding persons.
  3. Select whether the new person is active by checking the corresponding box at the top of the entry field pane.

  4. In the entry fields pane on the right, enter all information pertaining to the following:

    • First Name, Last Name

    • Username, Password

    • Email address

  5. Select the desired role(s) for the added persons. The “Technician” box would be checked here if adding a new technician.

  6. Check and enter expirations for any added person’s certifications set up in the Certification Picklist. Examples of certifications can include things such as:

    • Annual DTM Training

    • Annual Safety Update

    • CD Training

    • Respirator Fit Test

  7. Click Save when finished.


Reminder: Information pertaining to any person can be changed at anytime by returning to this area of Chateau.

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