Entering Attempts (Maintenance) on Existing Leaks

You can add an attempt via the Attempt grid, the Leak grid, or the Leak Record. We are going to focus on the most common method: the Leak grid.


Through the Leak Grid

  1. Click the Leak tab.

  2. Select the leak you wish to add an Attempt to.

  3. Click Add Attempt button.

  4. The tag and LUnit will be preloaded for you, enter the appropriate information on the Attempt screen, then click Save.


In Chateau Mobile

When a failing inspection is recorded:

  1. After recording a failing inspection, you will be asked if you would like to make an Attempt.

  2. Click Yes (if OGI leak, you may tag your image and/or video).

  3. Fill out who performed the Attempt and the AttemptHow used.

  4. Click Save or Save and ReTest.

After a failing inspection is recorded:

  1. Find the target component in the tag list or use Search by Tag.

  2. In Quick View or Component Details, tap the Task Menu (3-dot icon in the upper-right corner), select Attempt Repair.

  3. Click Yes (if it is an OGI leak, you may tag your image and/or video).

  4. Complete the Simple Maintenance Checklist, if prompted.

  5. Fill out who performed the Attempt (it does not have to be the monitoring technician), time, and the AttemptHow used.

  6. Click Save or Save and ReTest.

Adding Attempts on Previously Identified Leakers

You can enter the Attempt by going to Inspections & Attempts, clicking the Attempts subtab, and then clicking Add Attempt. It will appear on any reports and DOR details as these reports and views show any Attempt or inspection with a Date Performed while the DOR and Leak were opened, even for Attempts or inspections manually added after the DOR or Leak was closed.

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