Barcode-Supported Inspections


  1. Turn on the Inspections Without Barcode audit in Porches / Audit Settings and set who should get emails.

  2. Build your tours.

  3. Use the Barcode Scanned column on the Inspections grid to filter for inspections not supported with a barcode scan.


Chateau Mobile

  1. On either the Component Quick View or Component Full Details screens, before performing the inspection, the technician should tap the barcode symbol at the bottom right.

  2. Scan the barcode on the component, if they did not have that component currently open, Chateau Mobile will immediately open that component for them.

  3. Then perform the inspection, by tapping Monitor for M21AVO Done, or Fail if performing AVOs. The inspection will then be marked at being supported with the barcode scanned.

Note: The technician should always perform the inspection immediately after scanning the barcode. If the technician scans the barcode for one component, scans the barcode for a second component, then returns to the first component and performs the inspection, that inspection will not show as supported with barcode.

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