Term Definition
Attempted by… The person who performed the attempt.
AttemptHow The specific Attempt method performed, such as Tighten, Torge, Clean, or Drill and Tap.

A designation describing how difficult an Attempt was:

  • Simple: Methods such as cleaning or tightening performed by the monitoring tech.

  • Standard: Often similar methods to Simple are involved, but performed by an experienced operator or repair crew.

  • Advanced: Anything the component was not supposed to have happened to it in normal operation, such as Drill and Tap, or installing a clamp in some cases. Considered extraordinary in some regulations.

This feature enables Chateau to track and send email alerts to confirm compliance with certain LowE, Consent Decree, and/or DOR requirements.

Performed On

The date on which this attempt was performed. The date performed cannot be in future.


The interesting things about Attempts are:

  1. If you select the LUnit, the Plant and Facility will auto-fill.

  2. Note that AttemptBy is one of the view Text fields. This is because so many different folks can be involved in repairing leaks.

  3. You must select an Attempt type:


Attempt Type Description
Simple Done by the monitoring tech.
Standard Repairs neither Simple nor Advanced
Advanced Repairs considered Extraordinary, such as Drill and Tap.
  1. AttemptHow is a picklist. If an option you are looking for does not appear in the picklist, go to Settings > Picklists, and then edit the picklist.

  2. You can attach a document.

  3. You can attach a comment.


Note the programming comment about cycling the Attempt type to get the AttemptHow picklist to appear, if needed.

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