MMQ stands for Month/Month/Quarter.

It refers to LDAR rules that change a Component’s monitoring schedule to a Quarterly basis only after not leaking for two consecutive Months.

Chateau assigns each of the phases in this MMQ a special M21Why:

Term Definition
M1 The first of the two months. Either initially or after a leak has been found.
M2 The month that falls after a month when the M1 is passing.
mmq The quarterly event that occurs after a passing result on and M2 Inspection.



If an Inspection is… The Inspection The NEXT Inspection will be…
On a Brand New Comp (M1) Passes M2
On a Comp after any leak is found (M1) Passes M2
On an M1 Passes M2
On an M2 Passes mmq
On an mmQ Passes mmq
ANY TIME an inspection (M1, M2 or mmQ) Fails M1


The MMQ Phase is slightly different from the NextM21Why.

Chateau defines and maintains the MMQ Phase on any MMQ Component even when the Comp is not scheduled to be monitored.

For instance:

  1. An MMQ Comp is monitored as an mmQ.

  2. Because it is in the mmQ Phase.

  3. It Leaks.

  4. Its Frequency is still MMQ.

  5. Its Next M21 is BLANK (because it is done for the current period)

  6. BUT…Chateau changes its MMQ Phase to M1 immediately so you can see on the Home Screen and the grid that the leak was recognized and the change has been made.

  7. The Schedule will not show the M1 scheduled until the first of the next month- but the Home Screen will show the M1 in the MMQ Phase immediately.

MMQ Group- controlling which month the mmQ monitoring is done.

You can control when the mmQ Monitoring is done by setting each MMQ Component to one of three Groups.

  Means the mmq monitoring will be performed in…
Month 1 The first month of each quarter.
Month 2 The second month of each quarter.
Month 3 The third month of each quarter.


The setting is a Comp Property that you edit in the Tag View. Most likely you will identify a group of MMQ Comps and do a Multi-Edit.

Tag Frequency NextM21Why MMQ Phase MMQ Group If you see this in Component grid, it means…
1 MMQ M1 M1 1 M1 Phase. First month of quarter. Due in the current month.

If an MMQ inspection in Month 1 does not get done in January, Chateau reports it as a missed inspection and schedules the mmQ for the next month, February. But Chateau keeps it in the Month 1 group.

A missed inspection will reset M2 back to M1 but does not disturb the MMQ Group.
2 MMQ   M1 2 M1 Phase. Already done for the current month (which is why the NextM21 is blank). When it will be done for the mmQ that will happen in the second month of the Quarter. After some experience, you will see that this Comp must have leaked when it was monitored earlier in the current month. If you can see that, you are an MMQ Guru!
3 MMQ M2 M2 3 mmQ phase will be done in the 3rd month of quarter. This is scheduled for the current month as an M2, which means it was monitored LAST month as an M1 and DID NOT LEAK. Can you see that?
4 MMQ   mmq 2 mmQ will be done in second month. Can you see that this record means that this Comp was monitored already this month as an M2 and was not leaking and has been advanced to mmQ Phase?

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