M21 Variance

This feature allows identification of inspections where Method 21 could not be followed, such as iced-over or partially insulated/obstructed components. All inspections are marked NONE by default.

The M21 Variance feature enables a technician to identify and report any inspection where he or she was not able to fully comply with Method 21’s requirement concerning the movement along the entire leak interface (such as with an iced-over component).

  1. Go to Settings / Picklists.

  2. Go to Category = Inspections.

  3. Find the M21 Variance picklist.

  4. Customize the picklist to the items relevant to your program.

  5. Go to Porches / Audit Settings.

  6. Type “var” in the search box.

  7. Turn on the M21 Variance porch.


Once you have done this, the techs will be able to set an M21 Variance for every inspection. Each inspection will automatically indicate NONE, if they don’t set a different value.

Each M21 Variance will appear on the Owner’s Porch.

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