Duplicate Tag Protection

No tag number can occur twice within the same LUnit. This means you can have a number, such as 100, in every LUnit, but you cannot have a tag number of 100 more than once in the same LUnit.

If you try to enter a duplicate tag number (in the same LUnit), Chateau will display a notice stating this is a duplicate tag for that LUnit and will not allow you to save it.

If a technician attempts to enter a duplicate tag in Chateau Mobile, he will be prevented from saving it IF THE TAG IS LOADED INTO CHATEAU MOBILE. There is no Duplicate Tag Protection in Chateau Mobile unless the original tag is loaded into Chateau Mobile.

The original tag can be in Chateau Mobile because:

  1. The tag is in a tour assigned to the technician, or…

  2. …because the Non-Tour Tags feature is enabled. See Miscellaneous Settings for details on how Non-Tour Tags work.


Ways Chateau Helps Catch Duplicate Tags That Slip By Chateau Mobile

If you have the Duplicate Tag Audit enabled, you will be notified of any duplicates created in Chateau Mobile the next morning so you can resolve the issue.

There is duplicate tag validation on the MOC porch and New Component porch. If a user is attempting to approve a suggested new component or suggest MOC edit on the New Component porch or MOC Porch with a duplicate tag number, whether attempting to approve the component/edit by itself or in a batch, they will be prevented with a prompt informing them which tags are duplicates and they can continue with approving all the other edits/new components, but the duplicate tags will be excluded.

Duplicate tag numbers added by an Approver in Chateau Mobile will get ‘-duplicate’ appended to the end of the tag number when it is processed into Chateau and is recognized as a duplicate tag. Even if you are not paying attention to your Duplicate Tag Audit, adding the ‘-duplicate’ makes it obvious while staring at a tag list that there’s an issue.

These tags will also appear on the Duplicate Tag Audit.

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