Launching Chateau Mobile

Home Check current user and database name.
Data Connection Create the data link to your preferred database for Wi-Fi connection.
Calibrate phx21 or phx42 For manual calibration.
OGI Sensitivity Check Perform sensitivity check for OGI work.
OGI Camera Battery Change Go here if you ever have to replace the battery in the camera when doing OGI work.
Search by Tag If you want to find a tag quickly.
Add New Component from Scratch If you wish to add a component without using the Task Menu (when you are not in a tour or do not have a tag in front of you to look up), tap here to add from scratch.

This function is designed to be used only when checked out.
Settings Special options
Backup to SD Card

*You might want to manually back up your data after monitoring at the top of tower, for instance.
To ensure the data is not lost in the event of a handheld accident.
Chateau Mobile automatically backs up every 15 minutes. You can back up manually, here.
SmartFlags New data projects.

See SmartFlags in Chateau Mobile for more information.
Sync When you are ready to Check In or Check Out data.
Alarm Codes/Rally Points Alarm Code and Rally Point details are listed here if it was enabled in Safety.
Incident Response Incident Response instructions are listed here if it was enabled in Safety.

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