AVO Events

Located via the Leak tab > AVO Events subtab.

Failed AVO inspections will appear here unless there is a previous AVO Event currently open for the same component.

Since failed AVO inspections are not always AVO leaks (for example, the drips a tech spotted can be water instead of VOC compounds), you will make decisions here to record failed AVO inspections as leaks, and schedule AVO retests or M21 confirmations.
Term Definition
Close AVO Event Will present a picklist for you to use to describe why are closing it. If you do not see the reason that you need, contact your Supervisor.

If the Store Record box is checked, this AVO event will remain in the grid after closing. Otherwise, it will go away by default so the grid won’t be cluttered.
Comment Comment away.
Original Inspection that Created the AVO Event
If you wish to reference the original inspection, go to the Inspections grid and use the inspection ID as the search criteria to look up the inspection ID provided here.
Next Action if an AVO event was recorded as a leak, Next Action will be available for you to choose what happens to the leak.
Record as AVO Leak Will open a pop-up you have to fill out before recording the Leak. Part of that is deciding which Regulation this is a Leak for. You must do this VERY carefully.

You will have 3 options for the leak open date: Current Date, AVO Event Open Date and Other (with a field to enter the date). If you are having a hard time locating the inspection or attempt associated with an AVO leak, consider the possibility someone recorded the leak on a date other than the AVO Event Open Date.
Re-Open AVO Event
If a closed AVO event was stored, you have this option to re-open it in the grid.
Schedule AVO ReTest If your site protocol requires someone else inspect this component before resolving it, schedule an AVO ReTest here.
Schedule M21Why If your site protocol requires someone M21 inspect this component before resolving it, schedule an M21 inspection here.

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