Snoop Test

If you are performing SNOOP Tests on AVO items, you should add SNOOP to the AVOType Picklist. This will enable you to specify an AVO leak was detected by SNOOP. Go to Settings / Picklists / Category = Inspections and add SNOOP.

SNOOP Test on Passing AVO inspection

If an AVO inspection passes a SNOOP Test, mark the Inspection as Done. You can add “SNOOP Test” to the Comment field on the Inspection in Chateau after you have checked in the tour. Go to Inspections, call up the Inspection and then select Edit and add the comment. You cannot add a comment to an Inspection in Chateau Mobile. This has to be done in Chateau.

SNOOP Test on Failing AVO Inspection

If an AVO fails a SNOOP Test, you can select SNOOP from the picklist for the AVOType field when you document the inspection.

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