Quarterly Precision Calibration Records for Extension Probe

This process will enable you to store your Quarterly PreCal records for Extension Probes. It assumes you will perform the PreCal for the Extension Probe, then the PreCal for the Standard Probe, and then monitor that day with the Standard Probe. In any event, there are two important things to keep in mind:

  1. You must perform a manual transfer of the data to Chateau before performing a different PreCal on the SpanBox as each PreCal will “write over” the previous one.

  2. You should perform the final PreCal with the Probe you will monitor with that day as the Daily Calibration you will do with each Probe type will “write over” any earlier Calibration you might have done.

This means if you use the Standard Probe today, you will follow this process:

  1. Daily Cal with the Extension Probe.

  2. PreCal with the Extension Probe.

  3. Manually transfer the data to Chateau.

  4. Daily Cal with the Standard Probe.

  5. PreCal with the Standard Probe.

  6. Perform your monitoring.

  7. The Calibration Records you created with the Standard Probe will automatically transfer via Wi-Fi overnight.

Alternatively, if you are going to monitor with the Extension Probe today, then you will need to reverse the order of the Probe Calibrations, remembering to perform a manual data transfer after the Standard Probe calibration process.

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