Precision Calibration

  1. Tap the Precision Calibration box on the Home screen. Analyzers with a Daily Calibration from today will show. On the right of each analyzer, the latest PreCal result will be shown.

  2. Check the boxes next to the analyzers to receive PreCal. If the analyzer cannot be discovered, it will be grayed out.

  3. Tap Next.

    Reminder: If you run an additional PreCal on the same day, you will be warned of overwriting the previous record for that day. If performing an additional PreCal on the same day, you must manually sync the existing records to Chateau or LTI Desktop Manager prior to proceeding with the additional PreCal, if you wish to keep the existing records.

  4. Confirm each phx42 is connected to the same port on which it was calibrated that day.

    The Calibration Precision process will automatically begin with each gas response time being tested 3 times. If a unit fails at any time, it will be skipped for the remainder of the tests, but remain on-screen. The other units will continue.

    A notice at the end of the PreCal will display the phx42 number and what gas it failed at on the Cal Precision Report screen.

  5. Select your name from the Technician dropdown and sign, then tap OK.

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