1. Make sure the phx42 is ignited and warmed up before attaching it to the SpanBox5.

  2. Tap the Drift box on the Home screen.

  3. Follow the on-screen prompt to confirm the phx42 is attached to THE SAME PORT it was calibrated on earlier in the day.

    • Analyzers with a Daily Calibration from today will appear.

    • On the right of each analyzer, the latest EOD and Noon drift results will be shown.

  4. Check the boxes next to the analyzers to be drifted:

    • If the analyzer can’t be discovered, it will be grayed out.

    • If the analyzer is in range, wait a minute for the SpanBox5 to discover and connect.

  5. Tap either Noon or End of Day radio button at the bottom of the screen.

  6. Tap Next.

    • Note: If a drift of the same type (Noon or EOD) has already been performed on a unit, it will prompt you to confirm you want the previous drift overwritten.

  7. If the cylinder information is correct, tap Next. This will auto-advance after 10 seconds. Otherwise, tap Manage Cylinders (you must use the same cylinders used for calibration).

    • The Drift process will begin.

    • Units will be drifted to the selected cylinders.

    • If you are running a standard drift, each gas will be applied once.

    • If you are running a VVa drift, each gas will be applied 3 times.

    • If a unit fails a gas, it will continue testing the unit while continuing the drift process for the other units.

  8. Select your name from the Technician dropdown and sign, then tap OK.

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