Daily Calibration

  1. Confirm you have been certified according to the Cal5.0 Skills Documentation.

  2. After attaching probes, ignite the phx units – if applicable. Triple-tap the power button on all phx42s to ignite. phx21s DO NOT have to be ignited.

  3. Prior to connecting the phx units to the SpanBox, check the probe flow of all units and record the results for later entry into Cal5.0.

  4. Avoid kinking, bending, or blocking probes.

  5. Assign a phx42 to a specific port for all calibration and drift activities. DO NOT attempt to perform a drift on a port different from the one the phx42 was calibrated on. A list of phx/port pairings will be displayed prior to drift.

  6. Tap Daily Calibration.

  7. Tap the checkboxes for each phx on the Connection screen, then tap Next.

  8. If a connection or firmware error appears, tap Yes to retry connection.

  9. After a successful connection, self-check will begin.

  10. If there are any self-check issues, acknowledge them, then tap OK.

  11. Follow on-screen prompts to block probes.

  12. Select Probe Type from dropdown. Enter the probe flow and tap Next.

  13. Tap Next after self-check.

  14. Verify the cylinder information is correct, then tap Next on the Cylinders screen. Otherwise, tap Manage Cylinder to remove or add cylinders.

  15. At the four-minute mark of the warm-up, ports are automatically assigned to the units.

    Gas is distributed to one port at a time and Cal5.0 records which analyzer responds to which port. This is called “hunting” and only occurs before Daily Calibration. Once this process completes, this is the port assigned to that analyzer the rest of the day.

  16. Once the warm-up period is over, the unit will start calibrating using the assigned cylinders.

  17. Afterward, the calibration confirmation process will verify if the unit is calibrated to each gas correctly.

  18. Once the units pass or fail confirmation, the Maintenance Report screen will appear.

    • Note: If the Maintenance Report is blank, this means all checks passed.

  19. Select your name from the Technician dropdown and sign and tap Next.

  20. Check the box next to any non-critical self-check issues that may have occurred to acknowledge them.

  21. Select your name from the Technician dropdown list, sign, then tap Next.

  22. Tap OK.

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