OOS or Out of Service Components

The concept of OOS has been the source of much confusion in many LDAR programs:

  1. Why is it out of service?

  2. Is is purged?

  3. Who said it was out of service?

  4. When will it come back into service?

  5. Whose fault is it when it comes back into service, no one knows, and it takes years for an agency auditor to ask, “Why did you stop monitoring this component which is obviously in service?”

  6. What is the difference between Removed from Service and Out of Service?

Because of this confusion, Chateau does not use this term. Instead, we give you the chance to say what is actually true: A component is Active, or it is Deactivated.

It is still in place, but not available to be monitored. Then we say it is Temporarily Unavailable and specify whether it is in Service or Purged.

For more information, please refer to the TUx section.

But, we never say ‘out of service.’

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