Evergreen Tours

Normal tours are built from the queue of the Component grid and exist in the Current Tours tab until either all of the inspections are completed, they are emptied or deleted by a user, or their due date elapses. When this happens, the tour simply goes away.

Chateau offers the option of designating and tours as Evergreen. This means the tour will always exist in the Current Tours tab and you can add components to it at any time you prefer. Inspections will still be removed from the Evergreen tour upon completion, or if the inspection’s due date is past due. You can also assign it to a technician and not have to do that again. Of course, you can always move components in an out of an Evergreen tour. You can change the technician assignment. If you delete the Evergreen tour, it goes away.

The most likely Evergreen tour will be for your ReTests.

To make a Evergreen tour, select that option when you create it. The dialogue box will offer you the option.

You can make an existing tour Evergreen (and vica-versa) by:

  1. Open Current Tours tab.

  2. Select the tour.

  3. View the tour.

  4. Toggle the Evergreen setting.

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