Considerations for Reviewing New Rules Templates

Prior to reviewing the rule templates sent by us for your approval, please ensure to consider the information on this page.

  1. Chateau assigns the rules based on the criteria instead of individual components.

    It is crucial to ensure the Rule Application section in the template precisely defines what components to include and exclude for the assignment of this rule. If you intend to use this template for more than one database, please ensure both the rule specs and the assignment criteria will work.

  2. Understand the Hierarchy of Component Expressions. Will the rule specs work as intended?

  3. The component properties in your inventory should match the component properties in the rule specs. For example, if the rule assigns annual AVO to “canisters,” the components named “carbon canisters” will not get this annual AVO.

    You can choose to change the component properties in your inventory to match the rules or request us to modify the rule templates to match your inventory. Extra costs might be incurred if we have to modify the templates extensively.

  4. We encourage excluding specs that do not apply to you. For example, if there are and will not be any compressors in your facility, simply tell us to remove compressor specs from the template.

  5. Please do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with us if a detailed discussion of the templates is necessary.

  6. We will enter the rules exactly as defined by the templates after you approve them. Please only approve the templates when you are 100% certain; otherwise, please feel free to let us know if there are any confusions or discrepancies.

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