Assign Rules to Components

After the specs for your rules are set, you will have to assign rules to the components before running the rules.

For each rule, select the criteria for which it will be assigned (such as LUnit, stream, or component types), then click Assign. The Assign button will only be available after an update to the rule assignment criteria is made.

  • Note: Instead of assigning the rule to individual components, you assign the rule to a criteria in Chateau. The criteria can be based on LUnits, streams, or many other component properties. As long as they match the criteria, any current components, or components added in the future, will have the rule assigned.

Check the component count and percentage next to rule names to ensure the rule assignment makes sense.

Components have to satisfy every criteria in the assignment to be included in it. For example, if you have CVS=Yes and UTM=Yes, a component will have to be both CVS and UTM to have this rule assigned to it.

If you wish to have a rule for components that are either CVS or UTM, you should make two separate assignments: one for CVS only, and one for UTM only.

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