OGI Picture and Video Import

This tab is for importing OGI Inspection images and videos that have been tagged out in the field using Chateau Mobile and an OGI camera and automatically matching them with their respective inspections in Chateau. Please see Manually Uploading OGI Pictures and Videos to Individual OGI Inspections for the alternative way to upload OGI pictures and videos.


Note: We use the Date Modified property of the image and video files, which means they cannot be emailed because this changes that field. Only simple file transfers from one drive to another preserves this field.

  1. Plug your camera’s SD card or USB cable into your computer.

  2. Transfer the image and video files onto a folder on your laptop.

  3. Launch Chateau, click the OGI tab.

  4. Click the Import subtab.

  5. Select the tech name, then set the start and end date for the inspections performed.

  6. Click Find Matches.

  7. On your file explorer dialog box that appears, navigate to and select the folder with the inspection images and videos.

  8. Click Upload. It will show which inspections and OGI Sensitivity Checks had tagged images and videos along with their matches.

  9. If everything looks correct, click Upload and Save. It will take some time for a large number of files to upload, be encoded, and saved. You will see the upload and encoding status at the bottom left of Chateau.

    Chateau encode the files to ensure that they can be efficiently stored and accessed. You are free to continue working on other things in Chateau until it has completed.

  10. After the process completes, click the Inspection tab to see all your OGI inspections. Refresh the grid if you have previously opened the grid during the session.

  11. Click the dropdown arrow on the left side of the inspection row to see the images and/or video it matched.

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