Manually Entering Daily Calibration Confirmations

Note: Without a SpanBox, daily calibration confirmations can only be entered manually through Chateau Mobile. Additionally, Chateau does not have the built-in function to detect failed calibrations, so all manually-entered calibration confirmations will appear as “Passed” in the grid, regardless of whether the cylinder PPMs match the analyzer readings.

Daily calibration can be done with or without a tour assigned to you.

To enter a daily calibration confirmation record:

  1. Ensure you are connected to an analyzer and checked out. Go to the main menu at the top-left and select Calibration.

  2. Tap Input Daily Calibration in the prompt.

  3. Enter the calibration time and probe type, then tap Next.

  4. If there were cylinders previously used for confirming this analyzer, you will see a prompt asking if you want to use the same cylinders.

  5. If no cylinders were previously used for confirming this analyzer, you can select existing cylinders from the Cylinder Selection list, or tap Add Cylinder to add new cylinders to the list.

  6. Tap Next once you have confirmed the cylinder selection. It will take you to the Confirmation Test page.

  7. The analyzer’s current reading will be reflected in the Device PPM field. Tap Record to use this for the confirmation PPM, or you can type in the Manual PPM field, tap Record, and it will disregard the device PPM and instead show the PPM you entered.

  8. Repeat this process for each cylinder.

9.You can tap the confirmation PPM, date, and time in the grid to edit them.

  1. Once finished entering the PPM, tap Save Calibration.

  2. Now you can begin your inspections for the day. After checking in, the confirmation data will be available in Chateau.

To view your daily calibration records, go to Resources > Calibrations > Daily Calibrations. Select the date range and click Search. The calibration records from that date range will appear in the grid.

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