Manually Entering Precision Calibrations

To enter precision calibration records:

  1. Go to Resources > Calibrations > Precision Calibrations.

  2. Click the Add Precision Calibration Record button.

  3. Enter the time, analyzer, technician, and probe type. You will also have to manually select Pass/Fail since Chateau cannot automatically recognize a failed calibration without a SpanBox.

  4. Click the Add Cylinder button and select from a list of existing cylinders for calibration. If you wish to add a new cylinder to the list, you will have to do so through Daily Calibration in Chateau Mobile.

  5. Enter the times, response times, and PPM readings for the selected cylinder. Then click Add Cylinder when finished.

  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 until all required tests are entered.

  7. Click Save after all the information for each cylinder has been entered. Adding a comment is optional.

To view your precision calibration records, go to Resources > Calibrations > Precision Calibrations, select the date range, and click Search.

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