Inspection Integrity Audits

Name Description
Excess Inspections Technician has performed number of inspections in excess of the settings found in Pace Settings.
Final Monitoring Time Less Than X Seconds Under normal circumstances, Chateau Mobile will prevent a technician from monitoring a component faster than the rate you set for each component type (and size) in the Inspection Sample Time setting in the Settings tab.

This feature is designed to comply if you have a requirement to check, or audit, to confirm no component was monitored too quickly.

Chateau is designed to PREVENT this kind of error, but also provides this tool to audit, check, and confirm the tool (and technicians) are all operating properly.
Inspections After Hours Inspections that occurred after the time set in Pace Settings ‘Monitoring Time After’ field.
Inspections Before Hours Inspections occurring before the time set in the Pace Settings Monitoring Time Before field.
Inspections With No GPS Inspections that do not have GPS.
Inspections Without Barcode All inspections where the component’s barcode was not scanned before recording the inspection.

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