DOR Audits

Name Description
DOR LUnit % more than 2.5% LUnit with a DOR percentage greater than 2.5%.
DOR Process Unit% more than 0.2% Process Unit with a DOR percentage greater than 0.2%.
DOR Stop Leak Displays the DORStopLeak for all current DORs.
DOR Without 2 Advanced Maintenance Attempts Any DOR without at least two advanced maintenance Attempts.
Failed DOR ReTest Failed inspections with an inspection reason of DOR ReTest.
Missed DOR Estimated Repair Date Delay of Repairs that have not been closed by the estimated repair date.
Missing Document – DOR Approval Any delay of repair without a DOR Approval document.
New DOR Approvals Any new DOR approval.
Shutdown DOR due in < 20 days Any Shutdown with a DOR Estimated Repair Date within 20 days.

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Document Audits


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