Remove Leak

If a technician mistakenly assigns a leak to the wrong component (e.g., the leak is assigned to the valve, but later determined the leak was coming from the valve end flange), then you can follow this process:

  1. Ensure “Component Misidentified” is included in the LeakCloseWhy picklist.

  2. Open the Leak grid and select the misidentified leak.

  3. Close the leak with the LeakCloseWhy = Component Misidentified.

  4. Ensure you edit an inspection on the leaking component so you can properly manage the leak.

  5. If you want to backdate the inspection to the date when the original leak was found, you will notice the leak created is automatically managed from that original date. This means you might have missed the first 5-day repair deadline.

    Let’s hope that didn’t happen. If it did, you can always make a comment on the leak.


This process will close the leak and remove this inspection from the emission calculation on the “wrong” component, but this will not remove the inspection.

If you want to remove the inspection, click Help and use the Support button with the wrench icon. (We are working on creating the functionality for the Administrator to do this. Until that is available, we will do it for you.)

The inspection requirement is still satisfied, but you should still redo the inspection on the original component. To do this, you need to open the Component grid, locate and select the component, and put it in a Tour. Then monitor it.

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