DORs (Delay-of-Repair)

Item Description
Blue Arrow next to the Tag Number Will take you to the Tag View.

The reasons for closing DORs.

Customizable in Settings > Picklists > DORs. They are for closing DORs only and not connected to other processes in Chateau. For example, if you choose “DeActivated” as the DORCloseWhy, you will still need to deactivate the component in the Components tab.

DORReT Schedule a DORReTest by opening the DOR and using the dropdown in the Next Action box to select the DORRet.
DORStopLeak When a tag on DOR has a passing inspection, Chateau identifies it as a DORStopLeak. The number of consecutive times this has happened is displayed here.


Only months during which there is no leak identified will count. This means the month in which a leak occurs will not count even if you generate a passing PPM during that month. The next month will be the first DORStopLeak, if a passing PPM is found in that month.

DORWhy The reason a leak is being placed on DOR. This is based on a Picklist generated in Settings / Picklists.
Next Action Works like a leak’s Next Action. Setting the value to DOR Trial or DOR ReTest schedules an inspection with the respective M21Why.
Other summary items Are intuitive. You cannot edit any of it.
Put a leak on DOR Select a leak. Click on Plan DOR.

If the selected leak currently has an open DOR on it, the Plan DOR button will be unavailable, or a prompt will inform you of the currently open DOR after clicking the Plan DOR button.
Shutdown ID You can create a picklist for all upcoming Shutdowns and assign an ID to each DOR.
View a DOR Leaks tab > DOR subtab > select a row > View DOR
Edit a DOR The pen icons indicate you can edit the Est. Repair Date, the Shutdown ID and the comment. And you can add a document.
Schedule a DORReTest Select from Next Action.
Schedule a DORTrial This special DOR ReTest does not create a leak if the PPM reading is above the leak definition. It is a trail inspection allowed under some regulations.
Close a DOR From the DOR grid, open the DOR. Select Close DOR. Enter CloseWhy, Close Authorized By and Date. Select Close DOR.
Monitoring Frequency The frequency at which a DOR item will be monitored so long as it is on DOR status. This is based on a Picklist generated in Settings / Picklists.


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