Customization Protocol Form

The Customization Protocol form is a standard part of Chateau Onboarding. It tells us what you want to include and exclude in your database. Please note, you can still change any items on this list after the onboarding process. Just email when you decide to do so.

If the form was completed by you without, or after, the meeting with LDARtools, please email the completed form to

  1. Copy over preferences from existing Chateau Database?

    If you have an existing database with us and would like to adopt the exact setup in the new database, please check this option and specify the database from which you would like to copy the preferences.


    • If you choose to copy preferences from an existing database, skip sections 2, 3, 4 and 8. If you have the same analyzers from the existing database, you can also skip sections 9 and 10.

    • You should always fill out sections 6, 12 and the Completion Record. If sections 5, 7 and 13 apply to you, please also fill them out.



  1. Make Process Unit a Required field?

    LUnit (Location Unit) is already a required field in Chateau. If you also want to utilize Process Unit and want to make Process Unit a required field, please check this option.



  1. Do you want your technicians to be able to add new AttemptHow values to the AttemptHow picklist in Chateau Mobile?

    If you want your technicians to be able add new AttemptHows to the picklist in the field, please check this option.



  1. Do you want to remove any of these from the InspectionWhy picklist?

    Note: InspectionWhys checked here will be removed.

    Here are the reasons for performing an inspection other than periodic monitoring, such as Field Find, PRVDelay, or Voluntary Non-Reportable. You can hide the ones you will not be using. See the InspectionWhy article for a full description of each item.



  1. How many years of inspections and attempts?

    Let us know how many years of inspection and attempt records you would like to import into Chateau.



  1. What regulations will you be applying?

    Let us know the regulations so we can draft rule templates for you and implement them in Chateau.



  1. General Component Status

    If you have a list for these component details, please check them, send us the list, and we can import it for you.



  1. Property Field Settings

    Note: The fields checked here will be showing in Chateau, otherwise they would be hidden.

    Select which component property fields you would like to have in Chateau, which ones are regulatory sensitive, and which ones you allow for technicians to add a brand new picklist values in Chateau Mobile (only builders can normally do this in Chateau, but this enables technicians to add brand new picklist values out in the field).



  1. Which types of analyzers will you be using?

    Select the analyzers you will be using in this database. This will have implications in some settings and the Chateau features available to you.



  1. Which detector types will you be using?

    Select the detector types you will be using in this database. This will have implications in some settings and the Chateau features available to you.



  1. Single Sign-On

    This will allow you to use your company email to sign in to Chateau (if you have a Microsoft account associated with the email), instead of using separate credentials provided by us.



  1. People

    Send us the names and contact information for who you want access the database, and what roles they will have.



  1. Training

    Let us know who should attend Chateau training. The training session will usually be conducted over online meetings so you can add as many people as you wish. We will sent the meeting invitation to everyone on the list via email.

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