Chemicals and Streams Terms

Term Definition
Add Chemical Enables entry into the panel.
Chemical Type You can select between:


• Inert
• Inorganic

• Organic

Default Detector RF
If your detector responds to a chemical differently than its actual concentration, you should adjust the RF (Response Factor) to ensure you have accurate readings.
RF=(Actual Concentration)/(Detector Response)
Having selected a detector, you can then edit the Response Factor to a number other than 1. If you change the number, it will automatically save. If you change your mind, select the Trash Can icon and try again.
Detector Type Combinations When a tour is built, Chateau looks at each stream in the Tour.


In Resources / Stream, each Stream has a Detector Type assigned to it. This Detector type is displayed here so the tech will know which type of detector to use.

Edit Chemical Highlight the chemical in the grid, edit the panel, click Save.
Four Boolean Fields You can select one or more of these, as they apply.
Name This is the only required Field.
Reportable You can mark each chemical as being reportable or non-reportable.


Non-reportable means no emission will be calculated on this part of the stream.

Search Quickly find any chemical.
Selecting Organic or Inorganic You can then select a detector type.
Use alternative Factor Set If you select this, Chateau will be able to apply a Factor Set to the Components with this chemical different from the Factor Set which may be assigned to the majority of the Components in the same LUnit.

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