Chemicals and Streams Overview

Go to Resources, then Chemicals or Streams.

These grids have many of the same functionalities as the other Chateau grids. You can run Chateau with one Chemical and one Stream. Or you can make it much more sophisticated.

On the Chemical tab, you can add a Chemical by selecting the Add Chemical button. You can also edit a Chemical by selecting the Chemical in the grid and then selecting the Edit Chemical button.

Once you have inputted your Chemical, you can build your Streams.

Note: You can input the entire and actual content of each Stream. Since you have indicated the Organic/Inorganic/Inert characteristic of each Chemical (in the previous tab), Chateau will normalize each Stream and calculate emission based on the % of the Stream that is Organic, etc.

You do not need to “NORMALIZE” the Streams by adjusting the Stream composition to account for Inert or Inorganic compounds. Of course, you can if you want to. But you don’t have to.

For instance, if you have a Stream which is 50% Benzene and 50% water, you can input both Chemicals with their actual %. You do not need to “pretend” the water is not there and say the line is 100% Benzene to ensure the Emissions Calculations are accurate. Chateau is designed to do that for you.

Another way to put it is if you do “normalize” the line to 100% Benzene, Chateau is going to calculate the same Emissions as it would if you accurately record 50% / 50%, but you will have inaccurate data in your record for that Steam.

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