How to Put Components Out of Service

Note: In Chateau, an inactive component is either labeled as Temporarily Unavailable (TUx) or DeActivated. The following terms are not used due to the confusion they might cause:

  • “Out of Service (OOS)”
  • “Requested for Service (RFS)”
  • “Temporarily Out of Service (TOS)”

Temporarily Unavailable is when you expect the component to come back online in the future. Use TUPurged if there are no VOCs left in the component to exclude it from emission calculation.

Rarely, when VOCs remain in a Temporarily Unavailable component due to being barricaded or unsafe to approach, you should use TUinService so the component will still be included in the emission calculation.

DeActivated is when you have permanently removed the component.

To change an active component to TUx or Deactivated:

  1. Go to the Components tab.

  2. Query for the components for which you want to change the profile.

  3. Select the component and click Edit Component or Multi-Edit if multiple components were selected.

  4. Find Profile in the Edit page. Then click the pen icon to edit the profile.

  5. Select the correct profile, the reason for the change, and the effective date.

  6. You will be also asked to enter the source (name of the person or organization reporting the component as Temporarily Unavailable) and the estimated date available, if you are changing an active component to TUx.

  7. After clicking OK on the Profile Change prompt, click Save on the Edit page.

  8. Fill out the MOC fields. If you are an approver, check the box next to Approve and click Save.

  9. If you are not an approver, then an approver or processor will have to approve your edit on the MOC Porch.

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