How to Edit Components

Note: See the MOC Roles to determine if you have the ability to suggest or approve component edits in Chateau. Edits suggested by the suggester will have to be cleared in the MOC porch. Edits made by the approver will apply to the components immediately.

To edit a component in the field with Chateau Mobile:

  1. If you are not already in the component’s Quick View, find the component you want to edit through searching the tag in the current tour, or use Search by Tag in the main menu.

  2. Go to the Component Details page by clicking VIEW FULL DETAILS.

  3. Find the property you want to edit, and remember to look through all the tabs. If you still cannot find it, check Chateau Mobile Fields.

  4. Tap the round blue button with a pencil icon to enter the edit mode. In the edit mode the border will be highlighted in red.

  5. Tap on the property you wish to edit, enter the new value and the change reason. Tap SAVE when you are done.

  6. You can edit the second or more properties if you want. When finished editing, tap the red exit button on the lower-right to exit the edit mode.

  7. Move on to the next component if you have more components to edit. After checking back in, you should be able to see the edits you made in Chateau.


To edit a component on your computer with Chateau:

  1. Go to the Components grid.

  2. Start a query to find the component(s).

  3. Select the component in the grid, click Edit Component; or if you have selected more than one component, the button will say “Multi-Edit x Components”.

  4. Find the properties you want to edit. If you cannot find it in the Main tab, it might be in the Exemption Fields tab. Press Ctrl + F if you wish to use your browser’s search function.

  5. Selected the value from the picklist, or type it in if it is a text field.

  6. Click the blue Save button on the upper-left when finished editing.

  7. Select the Property Change Why (required) and enter a comment (optional).

  8. (Optional) If you wish to have the same property edits apply to the SubTags, check the box(es) under Apply to SubTags.

  9. Enter the suggester if it is not you. If you are an approver, check the Approve box.

  10. If you need to schedule or audit the component today, check Run Rules After Save. Otherwise, just click Save.

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