Chateau Mobile Terms

Term Definition
Chateau Mobile A handheld application.
Chateau Mobile Fields The fields selected to sync back and forth with Chateau Mobile.
Enable Tracking on Chateau Mobile A feature for viewing a map of a tech’s path and work on a specific day.
GPS Obtained Manually In the event of attempting to monitor with a bad GPS signal, Chateau Mobile prompts you to use either the tablet’s last GPS coordinates, or input your own. Either of these options will contain the GPS Obtained Manually tag.
Landmarks Use Chateau Mobile to name and capture GPS for any non-component location in the Plant. Load a simple tour into Chateau Mobile and go to the field. When you get the landmark, record the description and Chateau Mobile will store the GPS automatically.
New Generation Log A log of the database being prepared for sending to Chateau Mobile.

Note: This is only useful for Support issues.
Safety Set and configure Safety features for export to Chateau Mobile.
Safety Awareness Moment Special safety notices customizable under the Safety tab.
Sync Process of transferring data back and forth between a Chateau database and Chateau Mobile in a handheld.

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