OGI Survey Process

  1. Connect to the internet / Go to Sync screen / Select your database / TECH ID

  2. Check Out.

  3. When sync is complete select Done and confirm your Tech ID.

  4. Tap the menu in the upper-left corner, then select OGI Sensitivity Check.

  5. Sync the OGI Camera time with the handheld time.

  6. Record Sensitivity Check information. You can tag a photo or video (optional).

  7. OK …SaveTourContinue

  8. Go to your first OGISpot component.

  9. If you wish to take a target image (optional), tap View Full Details and go to Image. Upon tapping the pen icon, the Update Target Image button will become available.

  10. Perform IR Camera Survey for this OGISpot.

  11. When finished, mark this OGISpot as DoneDO NOT mark an OGISpot as Fail. The Fail is assigned to the component that is leaking.

  12. Tag IR image and IR video.

  13. Chateau Mobile will automatically take you to the next OGI Spot. If you have found no leak, inspect the next OGI Spot.

  14. If you have found a leak, tap PREV near the top-left to go to the previous OGI Spot where you observed the leaking component. Follow the steps below to create a new component, inspect it, and assign the leak to the new component:

    a. Tap View Full Details to enter the Component Details view.

    b. Select the three-dot icon.

    c. Use Copy to Add (or Add from Scratch). Choose “Found OGI Leak” as the reason for adding the component.

    d. Document the leaking component for what it is: Valve, Connector, etc. NOT OGISpot.

    e. Take a target image (optional).

    f. Save.

    g. After saving the new component, go to the OGI Inspection tab on the bottom of the page.

    h. Tap FAIL to fail the inspection, and select Optical Gas Image as the InspectionWhy.

    i. Select the emission point and confirm.

    j. Record and tag IR image or video.

    k. Attempt and record a repair (optional).

    l. (Optional): Record a ReTest: AVO Why = AVOReTest.

    m. If Fail, then AVOType = OGI.

  15. Go to the next leak or next OGISpot.

  16. Add additional OGISpot with three-dot icon and Copy to Add from your first OGISpot.

    • Note: This step is optional.

  17. End of Day, connect to internet…Home Screen…Sync…verify database and Tech ID.

  18. Select Check In.

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