Verify SpanBox Flow (Weekly)

  1. Attach the SpanBox flow meter (LDAR# 1645) to the calibration tee.

  2. Verify the output of each SpanBox port is set to at least 0.5 L/min if using only a phx42, and 2.0 L/min if using a phx21 or a mixture of both.

  3. Ensure the flow meter is in an upright position.

  4. In Cal5.0, select Manual Box Control. Check the box for the input and output port you are testing first.

  5. Block the open leg of the calibration tee and read the flowmeter to verify it is set to the correct value.

  6. Repeat the process for each input and output combination until all ports have been checked for all available gases.

  7. If the flow is incorrect, adjust the flow regulator.

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