Adjusting the Flow Regulator

  1. Use the nut driver to loosen the flow regulator nut. With gas flowing, turn counterclockwise to allow more flow and clockwise to allow less.

  2. Use the nut driver to lock the flow regulator once the flow meter reads 0.5 L/min or 2 L/min based on which analyzer type you are calibrating.

  3. Check the flow again after tightening the lock nut.

    • Note: This is a one-time adjustment. Once the flow has been adjusted properly, all ports should maintain the proper flow. Report an issue if you ever adjust the flow.

Note: When performing manual calibrations using a regulator with a calibration tee, the pressure will need to be adjusted once the regulator is installed on the cylinder to set the flow for the analyzer type being calibrated—0.5 L/min or greater for phx42s and 2 L/min or greater for phx21s. This should be verified each time calibrations are being performed.

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